How to Avoid Sales Malpractice


Business Emergency

Who will your client call first?

Is it me or does the sales process remind you of a patient-doctor relationship?  When a customer is experiencing a business emergency, they want to connect with a trusted professional to get a diagnosis.  The professional examines the pain and provides a solution. The customer has the choice to move forward with the solution or get a second opinion.  If they move forward, the solution is put into place, an action is taken and when the steps are complete, the pain is gone, we hope. Are you viewed as a trusted professional in the eyes of your client?  Will you be the first one they call for a solution?

Trust is built by putting the client’s needs first, over anything else.  Are you providing a solution that is good for the client or good for you?  Are you confident that the solution your product can provide will work? Your client will not call you first, no matter how good your product is if they don’t trust you.

There is tremendous pressure placed on sales teams to make their numbers, push the priority of the week or fill unsold inventory and the client is in the middle of this sales malpractice.  Let me take you into the mind of a sales rep. When they receive that email or call for a diagnostic meeting, their mind takes them to far off fantasies that this will be the client that saves their month.  I have been on many diagnostic calls between a client and their rep and listened to them push the client into solutions that do not deal with the problem. This will never win the clients trust. Trust is built off of success from the client’s perspective, so prescriptions should only be given that will kill the pain of the client, not the rep.

Clients want to work with trusted companies.  Companies that provide solutions that may not benefit themselves.  What? Can you believe I said that? That’s right, advise a client not to use your product or service if it will not relieve their pain.  Put the client first. This will pay-off tenfold when the client trusts that you are a leader in the industry and will never steer them in the wrong direction, leading to a deeper relationship, future business, and referrals.

When it comes to a business emergency, some clients can feel it is as complicated and urgent as a personnel medical issue. I am sure, if you needed medical attention, you would seek the most trusted doctor.  By putting your client’s needs first and being recognized as the most professional business advisor in your industry, get ready to take that first call.